Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.

Couple of month ago I experienced a little bit (just one week) of Tai Chi with Nasos. And today I´m feeling sensations I had, when we practiced!!! How light and happy I felt, how relaxed and at ease, how simple and natural, I really can hear the sounds around me, the air aorund and I can see that peaceful smile on my teacher! Yes I´m feeling it all today, when lots of days have passed... Thank You Nasos for guiding me there! !! When I think of Tai Chi, then I don´t think of exercises, what first comes into my mind is Nature, in all means: majestic mountains, the sound of birds (and frogs , the beautiful sunset, the smell of a fresh moist of the evening, and a peaceful loving being in all that when moving softly through the air. This is Tai Chi for me!!! I thought I would write something short, but hey, I could go on and on. I guess I miss it...

I spent a week with Nasos learning Tai Chi from scratch, 2 sessions a day and it's difficult to know where to start but I will say Nasos is the most patient and subtle teacher I have had for anything and the calm, energy and general well being (a relaxed, confident and greater awareness way) that tai chi can give you just has to be experienced to understand. I had a week and would like 6 months of it, I was looked after brilliantly! Nasos is surely a great teacher of Tai Chi and I absolutely loved it. Great location, great relaxed teaching from a great teacher who I now feel fortunate enough to call a friend, 11/10 for the whole experience, and something that can stay with you forever, my advice, just do it, you won't regret it, tai chi can only ever have positive impact I believe and I for one can't wait to go again and learn more!!!